Beginners Guide To Buying Your First Guitar

Purchasing your first guitar is that special and a big step towards music passion and realization for any enthusiast or any passionate in music. However, the aspect of budget is crucial; other crucial factors the beginner should consider are the type of instrument that will help him/her most and the instrument that he/she finds amazing reputability.

Buying guide for beginners when choosing your first guitar

Determine your playing style

Many times, people decide to buy a guitar without considering some basic aspects, such as the type of music they wish to play. A variety of guitars proves to be more effective for a particular kind of music genre. For instance, folk, country, and finger style music are well suited to what an acoustic guitar has to offer; on the other hand, rock, metal, and blues can be best played on an electric guitar.

Select acoustic or electric guitar

With guitars, most specifically the acoustic guitars are preferable for use by novices because they do not require the use of other accessories such as amplifiers and pedals. For the same models, they are also relatively cheaper than the electric guitars. However, in case you are focusing only on certain genres like rock, metal, or pop, then you might be more suited for an electric guitar.

Consider your budget

When it comes to prices, you will notice that there are many different types of guitars, from cheap ones for beginners to high end professional models. As for a guitar beginner, it is strongly recommended to select a guitar that is cheap and ranges the least of the price levels. Do not worry; there are so many decent qualities available out there in the market at affordable prices. Budgeting helps in limiting one’s options based on what they can afford to spend since it’s important to set a realistic one.

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Guitar size and body shape

While guitars can be of different sizes and the body shapes are also different, it is vital to choose the one that will be comfortable to be played by the player. For newcomers, a dreadnought or secondhand smaller-bodied guitar with the best and most comfortable neck contour is suggested. If you are a lady, a newborn or just average bear stature, you might want to try a ¾ size or a guitar with a shorter scale.

Try before you buy

It is wise to seek a view of the actual real guitar before having it bought. Next time you are at a nearby music store, ask an employee to let you test various types of bass models. Consider the playability and sound of the guitar, as well observing the specific character of each guitar that you would prefer.

Seek advice and support

No-one should be embarrassed to turn to friends, like-minded fellow-representatives of the guitar, teachers or sellers of musical instruments. It is also important to search for an internet forum or a group in case one should look for other actors in guitar learning such as other learners or even professional guitar players for support or counseling.


The first step is choosing your first guitar; it is the start of an incredible journey of music. It’s yet another essential step to find the music and then apply the patience, practice and the right instrument to harness your talent and appreciate the art of making music.