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One of the most common causes of accidents is driving while impaired. Driving while intoxicated through alcohol, drugs, or medicines may cause drivers to become distracted and lose focus on their driving. Other reactions to alcohol and drugs, such as bad judgment may also cause a driver to cause an accident. Furthermore, some of the most serious accidents involve pedestrians. These victims are at risk because they cannot be as alert as drivers, especially if they have been drinking or under the influence of other substances. Here are tips to find a top truck accident attorney.

Gather Evidence

The first thing that you need to do after a truck accident is gather evidence from the accident. You should immediately contact the police and the driver’s insurance company. Documentation of the accident will be needed to prove liability for the accident. You will need these records to prove that your vehicle was not at fault.

Make A Trip Plan

After you take a look at the accident photographs, you may want to make a trip plan for the day after the wreck. You should plan meals, so you do not have to skip out on them during this time of need. What you do from here depends on what the situation is like and how you want your legal case handled.

Get Medical Care

If you were injured in the accident, you will want to be seen in a doctor or other medical facility immediately. Many people wait hours to get medical treatment, which could result in brain injuries and other serious damage. If the driver’s insurance company refuses to provide adequate treatment, you may need to visit Wilkes-Barre truck accident attorneys right away for help.

Wilkes-Barre truck accident attorneys

Check In On The Recovery

You should continue to call the police department every day and then check on the condition of the victim. You will want to make sure that he or she is getting enough rest and that the victim is being treated with care. You will want to ensure that the driver is getting medical care if necessary.

Find A Truck Accident Attorney

You should start your search for a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. You do not have much time before you will have to file your case, so you should start looking around and ask questions about the top truck accident attorneys in your area.